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All fabrics have been pre-washed at high temperature to avoid problems related to shrinkage during laundry. It is recommended to clean your cotton and viscose clothes at 30°. 

As far as silk fabrics are concerned, we recommend washing them by hand or with a machine program specially designed for this type of fabric. (hand program/fragile fabrics).

For woolens, it is recommended to give them to dry cleaning.

HINDIBAZAAR takes no responsibility for damage caused during interviews carried out outside of this information.


Brass jewelry is easily cleaned with natural products such as lemon juice or baking soda or with silverware products. Il exist  also different paws in the shops which are soaked in cleaning products and which allow to eliminate  the oxidation done on the jewel. More powerful but chemical products are also  available in stores specialized or hardware store.

If you use these products or any other product with acidity, however, beware of jewelry set with semi-precious stones!

free delivery in Switzerland from CHF 200.- of purchase 

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