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The creation of HINDIBAZAAR was born from the need to go back to basics and to propose a true, respectful and fair project with productions of clothing, jewelry and accessories where the exchange between manufacturers and producers is done in a responsible way in a healthy environment.


The HINDIBAZAAR went to meet craftsmen in India, families with whom not only a partnership was created which is today a major asset in the development of the brand, but also a human bond and a sharing which has been consolidated since 2012, as travels and collections progress.


Being immersed for several months in the heart of India makes it possible to offer optimal coordination for future collections and to ensure appropriate and honest remuneration for the people collaborating in the development of the brand.

The HINDIBAZAAR seeks to be as responsible as possible in terms of ecology by producing bags and pouches from recycled fibers or scraps of processed fabrics. All prints are also handmade in screen printing by artisans in India.

It is thanks to these numerous collaborations that the HINDIBAZAAR creates original and sharp clothing, jewelry and accessories designed for urban-bohemian fashion.

Diplômé de la STA, Scuola dei Tecnici dell'Abbigliamento en tant que designer & designer industriel au Tessin en Suisse and after having had a career as buyer in luxury ready-to-wear for a Swiss house, I decided to discover new cultures in Southeast Asia and in India.

The different meetings allowed me to discover other ways of thinking, from se reinvent...


Here is the team that has supported me for 10 years and that allows me to create and coordinate my collections between New Delhi and Pushkar.

Each person has an important role in the creative process which begins in the organization and link between the fabric suppliers in New Delhi, to the person who receives the parcels and the person who takes care of the fabrics returning from the laundry.

Every detail counts, even in the finishes, without forgetting the important work that the women (who don't show themselves in the photo) do to sew each button by hand!

There is a real collaboration between them and me which places us all on the same level sans no hierarchy.

Through your purchases, these people can enjoy a fair and honest standard of living by being transparent about how they work.

Without all these collaborators HINDIBAZAAR could not be alive and could not realize its dream of trying to maintain a balance for ethical and sustainable fashion.

Thanks for supporting us!

free delivery in Switzerland from CHF 200.- of purchase 

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